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Guru, Greatness And You


Develop Guru Branding Status And Position Yourself As An
Expert In Any Marketing Industry By Learning From The


Among the greatest errors that fresh marketers make when entering
into the net business industry is in duplicating somebody else’s

They view successful marketers in their niche and rather than
centering on developing an unparalleled brand all their own, they do
their best to emulate what they trust is already working for other

If you really wish to develop a brand that supplies you with the
chance to position yourself inside your market, you have to leap out
from the crowd by producing a net presence that’s new and different
from what everybody else is executing.

One way of executing this is by producing your net identity as you
would a fictitious character in a novel, or in a movie.

This doesn’t imply that your net image shouldn’t be based around
your true personality, interests and skill level, but that you stress and
exaggerate it so that it fits a particular character.


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