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The Octopus Blog Method


Learn How To Create Massive 6‐Figure Blogs In 6 Months Or Less
By David Eisner!



The goal here is to get numerous pages of your blog ranking on the first page
(preferably in the first spot) of Google and maybe the other search engines
(Google is the first priority, but if done right, the others will come along too) for
“buying” search terms with high search volume and/or specialized search
volume. Ultimately, we want our blog to be on lots of pages of search listings for
dozens of different keywords, with double listings. This is why I call it The Octopus
Blog Method. It reaches far in all directions and it’s one of the smartest creatures in
its territory. Also there’s this,

oc⋅to⋅pus [ok-tuh-puhs]
–noun, plural -pus⋅es, -pi [-pahy]

2. something likened to an octopus, as an organization with
many forms of far-reaching influence or control.

The traffic we’re going after is the best traffic you can get, plain and simple. This is
search engine optimization (SEO… I hope you knew that already) – you are catching
a buyer in the midst of looking for exactly what you are offering. Not only is it THE
MOST powerful marketing method known to man, it is also the wave of the future.
Yes, I know it’s been around for 10+ years, but it isn’t going anywhere and it’s just
getting bigger.


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