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Set a Game-Plan!

One factor which all successful people have in common is effective time-management.  You may prefer to call it structure, setting yourself to the task, or a game-plan.  Whichever word or term works for you is fine.  As long as you take it seriously, and put it into practice, you are creating one of the basic principles of productivity.

It might be a good idea to think about this, and why this factor is so essential to success.  Perhaps you can begin by thinking of the opposite–  ways which do not work.  Even if you have one very small task to complete, if you do not manage your time appropriately it may get done too late, or not at all.  You may be working on a deadline, or have a task which does not have a specific time to be completed.  If you do not have a game-plan for getting it done, the results will not be satisfying.  While procrastination and wasting time impede productivity, lack of effective time-management can be as destructive.

Increasing your productivity and getting things done means having a good game-plan.  First, you need to know exactly what must be done.  Second, even if you do not have a specific deadline, you must also decide when it must be done.  The third step is putting yourself to the task of doing it.

You want to accomplish your goals, whether they are short-term or long-term.  You also want to be proud of and satisfied with the results.  When you are not content to simply “go with the flow,” and instead take your game-plan seriously every step of the way, you are nearly guaranteed of success, pride, and satisfaction.

Structure and time-management may come easy for you, if they have been a regular part of your life.  If you are not used to these concepts, now is the time to implement them into your everyday life.  Whether you are setting up a business of your own, working for someone else, or whether your work is taking care of your family, you will reap many benefits from setting up a good game-plan.

If you have ever felt that there are not enough hours in a day to do everything you need to do, this will be a very positive step for you.  You will be pleasantly surprised with how much you can accomplish.  With a game-plan, you may find yourself getting more done each day than you usually accomplish in a week.  Not only will you be more productive, but achieving each goal will come much easier.  You will soon appreciate this all-important factor in your success.


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