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Home Sellers’ Power Tips


99 Tips for Selling Your Home for Maximum Profit
Compiled by Amy Tylor
Ebook with Master Resale and Redistribution



Every house owner wants maximum profit from the sale of his house. Although selling and buying property involves cumbersome legal and other formalities, more and more people involve in real estate business for generating wealth for investments and other needs. According to market experts, the price of housing is likely to jump an extra 10% each coming year. The shortage of homes for sale is one of the main factors that have caused a steep increase in the price. Although there is a very high demand for houses, and selling a house will earn you profit, conducting a sale is not as easy as you may think.

There are many small but important things to be taken care of, for attracting potential buyers. The service of a real estate agent alone will not help you to find them out and to do the needful. Realtors deal with many properties at a time and therefore they will not give you as much individual attention. Since you are the owner, you will naturally know more about your house than anyone else. You should know how to present your home to buyers, and to help them figure out what the specialties of your house are.

This e-book will guide you through the important things you should know before selling your house for maximum profit. Things like how to write an attractive and beautifully worded ad, how to stage your house to maximize its beauty, how to manage necessary paper works, guidelines for seeking professional help etc. are dealt with. Filled with several guidelines and checklists, this e-book tells you how to deal with the minor and major issues that may discourage a prospective buyer from buying your house.

I hope you will find this book a worthful source of useful information.


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