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Buying Triggers


Buying Triggers: 100 Mind-Altering Selling Tools!



  1. Tell your target audience you were in their current
    position. Next, tell them how your product pulled you
    out of that position. For example, you could say in your
    ad copy, “Don’t worry, I used to be just like you. I was
    way over my head in debt. But I decided to create a
    financial formula so no one else would ever go through
    all the pain and humiliation of bankruptcy like I did.”
  2. Challenge your readers at the end of your ad.
    Make a bet with them; if your product doesn’t solve
    their problem, offer them a free product in return.
    People love to gamble and most are greedy. You’re
    just using it to your advantage so you can sell them
    your product or service. Some people like to gamble
    just because it’s fun.
  3. Get your audience involved in your ad by asking
    them questions. They’ll automatically want to answer
    the questions in their mind. For example, you could
    say in your ad copy, “Where do you want to be
    weight-wise in the next 5 months?” Another example,
    “Do you want to weigh that much or more 2 years from


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