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51 Joint Venture Marketing Tips


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51 Little-Known Joint Venture Marketing Ideas!



51 Little-Known Joint Venture Marketing Ideas!

1. Co-Op Ad For An E-zine Ad

First find a targeted e-zine in which you would want to buy an ad. You
would then persuade four other businesses to join in on the cost of the ad.
In return they would get a space on the web site you are advertising. You
would ask the four businesses to pay you 1/4 of the ad’s cost. That means
you would pay nothing for the ad.

2. Host An E-zine’s Back Issues (Archives) For An E-zine Ad

A lot of e-zine publishers don’t publish their archives on their web site. It’s
extra work and takes up a lot of web space. You could offer to archive an ezine’s
back issues on your web site in return for the e-zine continuing to
run one of your ads. Or just have them mention the archives are on your
web site because your product ads would be there anyway.



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